Why is it called a bee sting cake?

There are two versions of why this is called Bee Sting Cake. The first version of where the name came from was that a bee was attracted to the sweet honey topping. The baker who invented the cake was stung by the bee! The cake was then baked to celebrate.

What is a bee sting cake made of?

This lovely rendition of bee sting cake, or bienenstich kuchen, is a yeast-raised cake baked in an American 13 x 9-inch pan, then split and filled with a pastry and whipped cream mixture. All ingredients can be found in American supermarkets, which makes this a German cake that is easy to put together.

How do you pronounce Bienenstich cake?

How did Bienenstich get its name?

Understanding the history being Bienenstich? This sweet, melodious, mouth full of creamy, crunchy delight got its name based on two stories. Apparently, the bees were attracted to the honey almond topping and the baker was also stung by a few bees, therefore, the baker decided to name the cake as Bienenstich.