What is the difference between spanakopita and tiropita?

Like spanakopia, tiropita is also a savory Greek pie that’s wrapped in a phyllo crust, but its filling is different than spanakopita. Instead of spinach, herbs, and feta, tiropita is filled with a mixture of cheese and eggs.

How many calories are in a Greek Tiropita?

Calories in tiropita
Potassium0.0 mg
Total Carbohydrate163.0 g
Dietary Fiber0.0 g
Sugars0.0 g

What is the name of Greek cheese?

Feta. The most famous Greek cheese, the all mighty feta has been around for ages. Made with sheep or a mixture of sheep’s and goat’s milk, feta cheese is aged for several weeks before being stored in barrels of brine for at least two months before being sent to supermarkets and stores where it is cut and sold.

What does spanakopita mean?

: a traditional Greek pie of spinach, feta cheese, and seasonings baked in phyllo.

How is spanakopita served?

It can be served fresh from the oven or slightly cooled down, as is the typical Greek custom. If your mouth is watering for a bite-sized savory snack, order some spanakopita from Greek on Wheels. Greek on Wheels is Ottawa’s go-to choice for Greek take-out, delivery and catering.

Is spinach pie good for you?

The mineral content of spinach pie makes it a good choice for heart and blood health. One serving of the pie contains 20 percent of the calcium you need each day 4. While calcium is known as a nutrient that bolsters bone and tooth strength, it may also play a role in maintaining heart function.

Is spanakopita served hot or cold?

How to Eat & Serve Spanakopita Triangles. Spinach and Feta Spanakopita Triangles can be eaten as a snack or an appetizer, hot or cold, on their own or with a bit of a refreshing Cucumber and Yogurt Dip (Tzatziki).

Is filo dough healthy?

And there are reasons to feel good about phyllo: Because the dough has no trans fat, no saturated fat, no cholesterol and just 160 calories per 5 sheets, it makes the perfect substitute for puff pastry, ready-made piecrusts and refrigerated pie dough.

Is spanakopita good for diet?

Spanakopita is a Greek spinach pie typically containing cheese such as feta and/or ricotta. Our version is low in calories while high in fibre, iron and calcium. It’s also diabetes-friendly and suitable for vegetarians.

Why is spanakopita so good?

Spanakopita is a perfect food because it’s a balanced dish: salty, savory, and easily consumable in any form without even the need for protein. It’s not too filling but will never leave you hungry. You can snack on it or eat it for dinner. It can be the star or the sidekick.

How many calories is spinach pie?

Spinach Pie (1 piece) contains 12g total carbs, 9g net carbs, 1g fat, 4g protein, and 60 calories.

Is tzatziki sauce bad for you?

In general, hummus and tzatziki can be two of the healthiest toppers out there — as long as they’re made with healthy ingredients rather than cheap vegetable oils. Both contain protein and healthy fats (a rare quality for condiments, according to Jalali) — making them an ideal dip for veggies or as a spread.

Is tzatziki healthier than ranch?

More healthy highlights

Tzatziki made from low-fat Greek yogurt checks a lot of other healthy boxes. That two-tablespoon serving contains around 50 calories and 1.7 grams of fat, which is much less than ranch dressing and other creamy dips.

Whats healthier chicken or gyro?

The gyro has more saturated fat, more calories, and usually more sodium than the falafel —or chicken or vegetable sandwich fillings—on most menus.

How bad is a gyro for you?

The gyro is a pita-bread sandwich filled with a molded mixture of seasoned beef and lamb roasted on a vertical spit. The five ounces of meat in a typical sandwich delivers 44 grams of fat, including a whole day’s worth of artery-clogging fat (20 grams).

Is a chicken gyro healthy?

A typical chicken gyro is a good source of fiber, protein, B vitamins, vitamine A and calcium. With its combination of chicken and veggies, chicken gyros make for a healthy meal-on-the-go.

What is tzatziki sauce good with?

Tzatziki sauce goes great with all kinds of meat – chicken, beef, pork and lamb. It’s especially good with grilled meat! The most popular way to eat tzatziki sauce is with gyros! Tzatziki sauce is a great way to spice up plain meat, like chicken breast.

Can you freeze tzatziki sauce?

You can keep the tzatziki sauce in the freezer for around 3 months. Keep in mind that the longer you freeze it the more the texture will be affected.