What can I add to hash?

How to Make Breakfast Hash Out of (Almost) Anything
  1. Choose The Main Meat. Leftover cooked meat or poultry are natural beginnings for hash.
  2. Add One Type of Allium and One Kind of Potato. Onion, leek, pearl onion, or shallot: take your pick of allium and dice it.
  3. Add Other Vegetables.
  4. Put an Egg On It.
  5. Garnish and Serve.

How do you get hashbrowns to stick together?

How To Make Hash Browns Stick Together?
  1. Drain water properly: Ensure that the potatoes are well-drained after rinsing.
  2. Shred well: The best way to get them to stick together is to shred your potatoes well.
  3. Brown them well until crispy: You should increase the heat a little more and use less oil.
  4. Add cheese: