Can you substitute quick oats for old fashioned oats in muffins?

—J.M., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Quick-cooking oats and oldfashioned oats are interchangeable, as long as you consider a the differences between the two. As a result, quick-cooking oats cook faster, and they offer a more delicate texture to baked goods and desserts. If you want a heartier texture, use oldfashioned oats.

What is the secret to making moist muffins?

Why muffins come out dry and crumbly

The main cause of dry, hard muffins is over-mixing the batter and overcooking the muffins. So the the 3 simple secrets for beautifully soft and moist blueberry muffins are: use butter AND oil -butter makes things tasty but oil makes things moist. So use both!

How long do you bake oat muffins?

Bake at 375 degrees for 25-35 minutes or until muffins are just golden brown. Bake time may vary depending on size of muffin tins and oven. Allow to cool for a few minutes before serving. If not serving immediately, refrigerate in air tight container.

Why are muffins bad for you?

Most store-bought muffins are like glorified cupcakes—they’re full of sugar and simple carbs. “They can be packed with added sugar and low in fiber, sending your blood sugar levels on a roller coaster before you even get to work,” says Charlotte Martin, MS, RDN, CSOWM, CPT.

What to serve with muffins?

1. Eat open-faced. Slice those tender muffins in half and slather with warm butter, cream cheese or peanut butter. If you want to get fancy, try them with hazelnut spread, Greek yogurt or cookie butter.

Why do muffin tops taste better?

The part of the muffin protected by the muffin tin or wrapper isn’t getting this heat and the reaction is taking place slower and less thoroughly. All that browning leads to yummy flavors — most people agree. Some, though, do prefer the soft underbelly of the muffin.

Do muffins taste better the next day?

By Day 3 or 4, the muffins stored with two paper towels consistently held their flavor and texture better than the muffins stored with just one paper towel. The towels-on-top-and-bottom method is clearly the winner. I also tested these methods with mini loaves of quick bread, with the same results.

What is the correct way to eat a muffin?

Should you eat a muffin with a fork?

Cutting the muffin into smaller, bite-sized sections allows for easier dipping in coffee or icing. Using a fork is helpful when eating a muffin that contains large pieces of fruit, such as strawberries or blueberries, even if the muffin is dry and crumbly.

Do you eat muffins hot or cold?

Muffins are usually wolfed down, um, eaten, cold or hot from the oven for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Some kinds of muffins, like corn muffins and blueberry muffins, also taste delicious when toasted and slathered with butter and jelly, or even cream cheese. But you can also get very, very creative.

What is the best way to eat a mango?

Take a ripe mango that’s slightly soft. With enough pressure to mash the mango’s insides but not so much that you break the skin, start squeezing and rolling the mango until it feels like the flesh inside is broken down. Have someone cut off the tip top of the mango and then suck out the pulp and juice.

What part of the mango is poisonous?

The sap and peel of mangoes are highly TOXIC, although not specifically poisonous. Mangos can cause a dermatitis-type response very much like POISON IVY for those with skin conditions and/or poison ivy. Mango skin contains urushiol oil—the same substance in poison ivy that causes rashes.

When should you not eat a mango?

Avoid mangoes that feel mushy or mangoes with visible brown marks. Ripe mangoes range in color from greenish to yellow to red, and you may see all three colors on the same piece of fruit. Unripe mangoes will ripen in a few days on the counter. You can refrigerate ripe mangoes to make them last longer.

Can I drink water after eating mango?

Water: One should avoid gulping down water after eating mangoes. Sipping water right after consuming mangoes can have a negative impact. It can cause stomachache, acidity, and bloating. You can sip water after half an hour of eating mangoes.

What should not be eaten after eating mango?

5 food items you should never consume after eating mangoes
  • Water. You shouldn’t drink water immediately after eating mangoes.
  • Curd.
  • Bitter Gourd.
  • Chillies and spicy food.
  • Cold Drinks.

Why is it bad to drink water after eating mango?

If water is consumed after taking these fruits, it can upset your digestion. This is because water containing food smoothens the digestion process and makes the bowel movement easy. If water is consumed over them, the bowel movement becomes too smooth and can lead to loose motion/diarrhoea.

What happens if you drink milk after eating mango?

– According to a few researches, mango can very much increase the heat of your body. Although, it is slightly contradictory and needs more research. – According to Ayurveda, mangoes should never be consumed with milk as it can harm your health.

Which fruit should not be eaten with milk?

2. Citrus fruit and milk. Milk takes longer to digest and when you have milk and lemon or any citrus fruit together, the milk coagulates. This can lead to gas and heat burn.