How do you make hot pork sandwiches?

Place one slice of bread on dinner plate, then sliced pork. Ladle a little gravy over pork, then top with second slice of bread. Spoon mashed potatoes on the side. Ladle rest of gravy over both, or just on top of the sandwich.

What kind of buns do you use for pulled pork?

Brioche buns are arguably the best type of bread to use for a pulled pork sandwich due to its neutral flavor and usability factor.

Do you toast the buns for pulled pork sandwiches?

There is no “not toast“. Not toast isn’t a pulled pork sandwich. It is a waste of bread and pulled pork.

How much meat do you need for pulled pork sandwiches?

For pulled pork, the standard rule of thumb is one-third to one-half pound of meat per person. When cooked and shredded, a bone-in pork shoulder will lose around 40 percent of its weight. For example, a raw 10-pound pork shoulder (or two 5-pounders) will yield about 6 pounds of finished meat, serving 12 to 18 people.

How much will 2 lbs of pulled pork feed?

RULE #1: One pound of cooked pulled pork is enough to feed three people. So try to work go by serving one-third of a pound per head. RULE #2: Raw pork usually results in half of its weight in cooked pulled pork. So for every one pound of raw pork, expect about half a pound of resulting pulled pork.

How much do pulled pork sandwiches cost?

Looking at a local spot that does pulled pork sandwiches, they charge by the person sort of. So, for 25-50 people it is $12/ea. Figure that being a 1/4-1/3 pound of meat, you’re looking at 3-4 sandwiches per pound. $10/serving at a minimum of 25 servings.

How many pounds of pork do I need for 40 people?

Generally, allow four to five ounces of boneless meat for each guest at lunch. Plan for a bit more meat, about five to seven ounces, if you’re serving dinner to your crowd. For a party of 30 to 40 people, this works out to be nine to 12 pounds of pulled pork for lunch, and 13 to 17 pounds for dinner.

How many pounds of pork butt do I need for 40 people?

21 pounds for up to 40 adults should be fine.

How many pounds of pork Do I need to feed 20 people?

So to feed 20 average people, you’ll need 15 pounds of raw pork from the butcher’s shop of grocery store. Expect to buy around DOUBLE the quantity of fresh pork to end up with your 6 ounces per person.

How many sandwiches does a pound of pork make?

I usually figure about 3 sandwiches per lb., as AmBASSaDEER said.