Is the beefy potato-Rito back?

The official return of the Beefy Potatorito is April 15, 2021, so mark your calendars and stake out your nearest Taco Bell location.

Does Taco Bell still have the beefy potato-Rito?

Potatoes are back at T-Bell in FULL FORCE.

In addition to the chain’s lineup of other beloved potato-filled menu items (looking at you, Fiesta Potatoes), the Beefy Potatorito is rejoining the menu on April 15.

Does Taco Bell have the beefy Potatorito?

Beefy Potato-rito | Order Online Today! Taco Bell® This item is not currently available. Check out the rest of our menu and find something new to love.

Has Taco Bell brought back potatoes?

Is Taco Bell bringing back potatoes? Yes! Taco Bell added potatoes to its menu.

Is Taco Bell bringing back Quesaritos?

Taco Bell is changing things up. 13, Taco Bell will no longer have the Grilled Steak Soft Taco, 7-Layer Burrito and Triple Layer Nachos, according to a statement on their website. The ever-popular Quesarito will also be removed, but from the in-restaurant menu only.

What potato items is Taco Bell bringing back?

Taco Bell announced today that it is bringing back its potato options in just a few weeks. In the announcement, Taco Bell said that its Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes and the Spicy Potato Soft Taco will be back PERMANENTLY starting on March 11.

What is Taco Bell bringing back?

This time around, Taco Bell is bringing it back with an all-new campaign titled, “Overhyped.” Because sometimes there’s just a little too much overhype in the world, the brand is skipping the theatrics, pyrotechnics and elitist attitudes, and instead, simply letting fans know the Quesalupa is back with one message: “We

Is Taco Bell bringing back Mexican pizza?

“There are no current plans for a return of the Mexican Pizza,” a company representative said in a statement. “However, as you know well, Taco Bell is constantly listening to its fans and they never say never.”

What is Taco Bell bringing back 2021?

Irvine, Calif. ( May 18, 2021) – Bun-mayo-chicken-pickle-bun.

“The Naked Chicken Chalupa is just the beginning of Taco Bell’s chicken offerings this year with more unexpected menu items being introduced at a later time.” First introduced in 2017, the Naked Chicken Chalupa was years ahead of its time.

What fan favorite is Taco Bell bringing back?

“The power of Comebacks resonates more than ever, not only because we are turning the heat up in our kitchen to bring back the fanfavorite Flamin’ Hot Doritos Locos Tacos, but consumers are now able to enjoy this year’s NBA Finals even more whether they’re at home, in the arena or elsewhere.”

Is Taco Bell Power Bowl Keto?

A Power Menu Bowl is probably your best option for a keto-friendly meal at Taco Bell. Although this usually comes with beans and rice, you can remove these items and still get a bowl containing chicken, shredded cheese, guacamole, lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes, and an avocado-ranch sauce.

Why did Taco Bell get rid of Mexican pizza?

As for the latest round of changes, Taco Bell claimed there were several other reasons why it’s saying adios to the five items. Getting rid of the Mexican Pizza, for example, is part of the company’s eco-friendly commitment: Packaging for the item amounts to more than 7 million pounds of paperboard per year.

Why is there no more Mexican pizza?

Taco Bell first announced the demise of the Mexican Pizza in early September. At the time, the company claimed removing it would boost efficiency at its restaurants, substantially reduce the amount of packaging it uses, and clear the way for further menu innovations.

What is in a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza?

Crisp pizza shells, refried beans, and a layer of seasoned beef make the “crust,” while pizza sauce, a three-cheese blend, and tomatoes make the topping, creating a delicious love child of Mexican and Italian cuisine.

Is Taco Bell bringing back shredded chicken?

No longer offered at the national chain as of November 2020, according to Taco Bell, shredded chicken’s departure as an ingredient leaves only two chicken entrees (the Chicken Quesadilla and the Chicken Chipotle Melt) for diners who want poultry instead of beef.

Why did Taco Bell change their menu 2020?

Beginning August 13, we will be simplifying our menu. This evolved menu approach comes after months of analyzing the new way we are running our restaurants. We want to ensure an easy and fast ordering experience for our guests and team members, while simultaneously opening up opportunities for even more innovation.

What is on the Taco Bell Secret Menu?

1.The Cheesarito

This is one of Taco Bell’s most popular secret menu items and it includes some melted cheese, scallions, and taco sauce all rolled up inside of a soft tortilla.

Will loaded grillers come back?

Last summer, Taco Bell customers said goodbye to some staple menu items including the Loaded Grillers, 7-Layer Burrito and all potato items. However, the loss of the potato items is still fresh in customers’ minds.

Does Taco Bell have loaded potato grillers again?

In addition to cutting a breakfast bowl and two kinds of nachos, the chain also pulled three of its potato products: the Spicy Potato Soft Taco, Cheesy Potato Loaded Grillers, and Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes.

Did Taco Bell get rid of grillers?

The fast-food chain announced on Friday that it is removing 12 items from its menu, including fan favorites such as Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, Nachos Supreme, and Loaded Grillers. Quesaritos are going to be cut from restaurants’ menus, but will remain available for order online and in the chain’s app.