What are meat pies called in Australia?

National Pies make typical beef mince pies, as well as “Cottage Pies“, which are topped with mashed potato. National Pies‘ mince pies are rectangular in shape, as opposed to most other brands, which are round.

What meat is in a meat pie?

Muscle meat from buffalo, camel, cattle, deer, goat, hare, pig, poultry or sheep can be used to manufacture meat pies, and the type of animal doesn’t need to be specified on the label.

What are the ingredients in a meat pie?

What is the best pie in Australia?

Meat pie/Main ingredients

What is the best meat pie in Australia?

It’s official – Victoria is the home of Australia’s best pie and pastie. The ‘Pepper Pie‘ from Country Cob Bakery in Boronia took out the 2020 prize from the Baking Association of Australia in the competitive plain mince category.

How do you eat pie in Australia?

The flaky pepper-beef pie won the coveted prize, marking a trifecta for the bakery, which previously won for its seafood-satay and caramelised-pork-and-pepper pies. Best of all: you can get it delivered throughout metro Melbourne.

Where is the big pie in Australia?

The method follows:
  1. Take lid off pie.
  2. Put tomato sauce on meat.
  3. Eat meaty insides with spoon.
  4. Eat the meatless pastry carcass.
  5. Go to jail because this should be illegal.

Which pie is the best?

The Southern Highlands is the home of Australia’s newest Big Thing with the creation of ‘The BIG Pie‘ now located at the Southern Highlands Welcome Centre in Mittagong NSW.