When did China ban Canada canola?

On March 1, 2019, China suspended the export permit of Richardson International Ltd., blocking the Winnipeg-based company from sending canola shipments to Chinese markets, citing non-compliance with its plant health requirements.

Is China buying Canadian canola again?

BEIJING — China has agreed to allow imports of Canadian canola to resume, two sources briefed on the matter told Reuters on Tuesday, lifting a ban in place since March 2019 that had halted $2 billion worth of trade.

Why is China not buying Canadian canola?

Chinese authorities have since March 2019 blocked canola shipments by two Canadian exporters, an action they took after Canadian police detained a Huawei Technologies executive in late 2018 on a United States warrant. ICE canola futures RSc1 on Tuesday hit the highest nearby price since October 2018.

Why did China stop buying canola?

Earlier this month, Chinese customs authorities revoked the sales licence for a major Canadian canola distributor, Richardson International. Officials said the move was related to “dangerous pests” such as fungi in the crop, an allegation the company has strongly denied.

Who buys Canadian canola?

China is the biggest importer of Canadian canola this season, even after blocking shipments from two key exporters — Richardson International Ltd. and Viterra Inc. — since 2019. The Asian nation imported 1.2 million tons from licensed facilities from August to December, Canadian Grain Commission data show.

Is canola oil from Canada?

Canola oil is 100% Canadian!

Developed in Manitoba, Canola is a “Made in Canada” innovation. Canola production is a large contributor to the Canadian economy.