What is the healthiest BBQ sauce?

Other Healthy Options
  • TJ’s Bold and Smoky Kansas City Style Barbecue Sauce.
  • Consorzio Organic BBQ Sauce.
  • Annie’s Naturals Organic Smokey Maple BBQ Sauce.
  • Bone Suckin’ Barbecue Sauce & Marinade Original.
  • Peach-Mustard BBQ Sauce.
  • Grilled Shrimp with Grapefruit BBQ Sauce.
  • Grilled Chicken with Cherry-Chipotle BBQ Sauce.

What is a healthy alternative to barbecue sauce?

Rosemary, tarragon, parsley, basil and thyme are all great herbs for marinating meats, she says. If you’re short of fresh herbs, a dry rub mix of spices is easy to use in a pinch. If you’re still missing that sweet tang of BBQ sauce, Weintraub suggests swapping out the lemons for a sweeter fruit.

Are any BBQ sauces healthy?

There are a few brands that make healthier BBQ sauce with natural/organic ingredients. If I don’t have time to make my own I buy Primal Kitchen’s BBQ sauce (their golden BBQ sauce is delicious) or Tesserae’s BBQ Sauce.

Is BBQ sauce unhealthy?

So, is BBQ sauce bad for your health? Yes, it is if you are watching weight or wanting to consciously eat healthy. Similar to ketchup, barbeque sauce contains a high amount of sugar and salt. Only two tablespoons of the sauce contains about 100 calories, over 10 grams of sugar and 22 grams of carbs.

Why BBQ is bad for you?

On the most basic level, the smoky flavor and the char that you get from a well-grilled steak is not particularly good for you. When fat from the cooking meat drips down on the hot coals, the smoke that forms contains stuff called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

Which is healthier ranch or mayo?

Ranch. As tempting as it may be to dip your veggies (or fried cheese curds) in ranch, it just barely does better than its cousin, mayonnaise. At 8 grams of fat per tablespoon, you may be better off skipping the dip.

Does sour cream have less fat than mayonnaise?

Sure, the percentage of fat is high, but the total amount isn’t. Consider that a serving of sour cream is 2 tablespoons. That provides just 52 calories—half the amount that’s in a single tablespoon of mayonnaise—and less saturated fat than you’d get from drinking a 12-ounce glass of 2 percent reducedfat milk.

Which is worse sour cream or mayo?

While commercial sour cream contains 18 to 20 percent fat, it is still lower in fat than mayonnaise. A single serving of sour cream has roughly half the calories and fat content of mayonnaise. The difference is even greater if you use reduced-fat or light sour cream.

What is a healthy substitute for mayonnaise?

There are plenty of better substitutes you can use instead of mayo to keep the calories low and the taste of mayo away.
  • Avocado. PIN IT.
  • Low-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt. PIN IT.
  • Olive Oil. PIN IT.
  • Pesto. PIN IT.
  • Mustard. PIN IT.
  • Hummus. PIN IT.
  • Just Mayo.

Is Sour cream bad for heart?

Saturated fat is the predominant fat in sour cream. In fact, about half of the calories in regular sour cream come from saturated fat. Excess intake of saturated fat may cause some people to produce more LDL (bad) cholesterol. If these levels become too high, your risk of heart disease may increase over time ( 7 ).