Why is Korean fried chicken so crispy?

Korean fried chicken is lighter than other styles of fried chicken. The skin is barely battered and crispier, and meat very moist. Essentially, chicken is fried twice, once to drain the fat. The New York times did a piece on Korean fried chicken in 2007: Koreans Share Their Secret for Chicken With a Crunch .

What Pepper does Bonchon use?

The spicy version is made by adding Korean red chili paste (gochujang) and Korean red pepper powder (gochugaru) to the soy garlic recipe. You can find these ingredients at Asian markets or online, and if you like your wings spicy you’ll want to add these perky ingredients.

What oil does Bonchon use?

For all of our fried items we use soybean oil!

What is Bonchon chicken?

In this deconstructed Bonchon-style Korean fried chicken recipe, the thigh fillets are pounded, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, dredged in flour, dipped in a light batter and fried twice. Then, the cooked fillets are brushed with sauce.

Why is Bonchon so good?

The quality is very high, and both the wing sauces for all the Bonchon outlets worldwide are made in the main Seoul factory, so the flavor is very consistent. The spicy is hot but not crazy hot, while the soy is not spicy at all but has a great, deep, dark, garlicky flavor.

Is Bonchon chicken spicy?

This is not the cheapest place to grab some chicken wings but they are worth it. Be warned, if you order the spicy type, they really mean HOT. Half spicy half regular.

What is the best thing to order at Bonchon?

Bingsu. Bingsu from BonChon is one of the best to order especially if you haven’t had bingsu before because it’s simple, sweet, and comes in familiar, well-loved flavors. The flavors you can choose from are: ube macapuno, chocolate brownie, and mango cheesecake.

What does Bonchon chicken taste like?

Bonchon’s fried chicken was like candy: The skin’s crisp was immaculate, the sauce was well-rounded and flavorful, and the meat slid right off the bone.

What does Bonchon mean in Korean?

Bonchon Chicken (Korean: 본촌치킨; Hanja: 本村치킨) is a South Korean-based international fried chicken restaurant franchise. According to the company, Bonchon is a Korean word meaning “My Hometown”.

Is Bonchon real chicken?

Description: Bonchon’s Korean fried chicken is located in Midtown New York. Experience authenticity with Bonchon’s signature Korean food in a restaurant location near you.

Why is Bonchon called Bonchon?

The Brand. “Bonchon” means “my hometown” and is an homage to the company’s roots in Busan, South Korea.

What type of food is Bonchon?

Bonchon. We set out to share the joy of hand-battered, double-fried, crazy crispy Korean Fried Chicken around the world.