Is Mint Oreo Blizzard seasonal?

It’s that time again! Mint chocolate is amazing all year round but it really hits its stride around St. Looks like the Mint Oreo Blizzard will be coming back to the chain this year. It features bright green mint-colored soft serve with Oreo pieces and creme de menthe for a delicious and truly festive treat.

What is Dairy Queen’s Blizzard of the Month for February?

Dairy Queen is already bringing back one of their celebratory treats for their February Blizzard of the Month: Red Velvet Cake. Available in mini, small, medium or large, the Blizzard combines DQ’s vanilla soft serve ice cream with red velvet cake pieces and silky cream cheese icing.

Is the Mint Oreo Blizzard good?

Case in point, Dairy Queen’s Mint Oreo Blizzard is the returning flavor of the month for March. Oreo cookies and creme de menthe mint topping are blended with vanilla soft serve. It’s a consistently mellow companion that enhances the vanilla base, but it doesn’t ever truly excite the taste buds.

What’s the blizzard of the month at Dairy Queen?

The current Dairy Queen Blizzard of the month is Frosted Animal Cookie!

What is the top selling Blizzard flavor at Dairy Queen?

Top selling Dairy Queen Blizzards
  • 10/10.
  • #1 – Oreo Blizzard: Oreo cookies and vanilla soft serve (Courtesy: International Dairy Queen, INC)

What is the most popular Blizzard at Dairy Queen?

Chocolate chip cookie dough Blizzard

Cookie dough is one of the most popular ice-cream flavors in the US, and I totally get why. The dough bits in this Blizzard were just the right size and, best of all, there were so many of them. This Blizzard was heaven with a great ratio of ice cream to cookie dough.