What can I eat that is dairy-free and gluten free?

What Foods are Gluten and DairyFree?
  • Fruits and Vegetables. Virtually all fruits and vegetables are gluten and dairyfree, which allows for lots of variety in nutrients and flavors in your diet.
  • Whole Grains.
  • Nuts and Seeds.
  • Beans and Legumes.
  • Certain Proteins.
  • Plant-Based Oils & Spices.

Will I lose weight on a gluten and dairy-free diet?

Many people do find they drop weight seemingly effortlessly when they go glutenfree, but only up to a point. That point, says Dr. Davis, seems to come at about 15 to 20 pounds worth of weight loss for many people.

What do gluten free guests serve?

Broil, grill or pan-fry meat, fish and vegetables in olive oil or light butter. Bake or roast potatoes, and toss salads in homemade balsamic vinegar dressing – Voila, a delicious, nutritious, glutenfree meal!

What can I feed my gluten-free friend?

Easy glutenfree meals for someone new to cooking glutenfree include tacos, steaks and chicken, fish, rice bowls (think Chipotle), glutenfree lasagna and stir-frys. Great side dishes are vegetables, rice, potatoes, corn chips and guacamole, etc.

How do you accommodate gluten-free?

Try focusing on serving vegetables, proteins, and grains that are naturally glutenfree. 2. Serve glutenfree dishes separate from other dishes – Don’t put rice crackers on the same tray as Triscuits, for example, or expect guests to eat around noodles in chicken noodle soup.

Are potatoes gluten-free?

The simple answer is yes — potatoes are glutenfree. Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat, rye, barley, and other grains. Potatoes aren’t grains, they’re a type of starchy vegetable. That’s good news for people who can’t tolerate gluten because they have celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Can celiacs go to restaurants?

Many restaurants now offer special gluten-free menu, however you do not need to limit your options to only those places. With some careful planning you can still eat a delicious and safe meal at any restaurant of your choice!

Can celiacs eat Chinese food?

The Chinese takeout container: Even if you’re avoiding the obvious flour-containing dishes like lo mein noodles, wonton soup, moo shu pancakes, egg rolls and General Tso’s Chicken, if you’re eating restaurant Chinese food, you’re almost guaranteed to be eating gluten as well.