What do I serve with fish pie?

The only acceptable topping* for a fish pie is of course soft, creamy mashed potato, topped with browned, bubbling cheese or, ideally, a parmesan and breadcrumb mixture. That adds a final savoury, crunchy flourish that is the fish pie’s crowning glory. [*Fish pie must always be served crust-up.

Why does my fish pie sauce split?

For the fish pie if you are using raw fish and then pouring the sauce over before baking it could be that the fish is letting out some liquid as it cooks in the oven, which would also either thin the sauce or give it the appearnace of curdling. This may particulalry happen if the fish has been frozen and thawed.

Does Aldi sell fish pie?

Specially Selected Gastro Wonderfully Creamy Luxury Fish Pie 800g | ALDI.

How do you make Morrisons fish pie?

Pre-heat oven to 190°C/375°F/Gas Mark 5. Remove lid and label leaving pie in foil tray. Place on a baking sheet in the centre of the oven and cook for 35 to 40 minutes.

What fish is in Admiral’s Pie?

Our Famous Admiral’s Pie is still the Nation’s favourite seafood ready meal. Made with succulent chunks of Alaska Pollock fillets in our creamy butter sauce, topped with mashed potato and cheese, it makes a really tasty meal any day of the week.. The nation’s favourite.

Can you freeze Asda fish pie mix?

Suitable for freezing. Freeze on day of purchase and consume within one month. Defrost thoroughly before cooking. Once defrosted use within 24 hours, do not re-freeze.

Does Asda sell fish pie mix?

Contains: Fish. Simply cook from frozen. Skinless & boneless.

Can you cook Iceland fish pie mix from frozen?

Oven cook From Frozen

180°C 28-30 mins, Gas 7 28-30 mins 1. Place on a baking tray near the middle of the oven for 28-30 minutes.

How long does fish pie take to defrost?

How long does fish pie take to defrost? If you’d rather defrost your fish pie than cooking straight from frozen, you should allow yourself about 16 hours, depending on the size of your fish pie. If you have frozen your fish pie in small, individual dishes, it will take less time to defrost.

Can homemade fish pie be frozen?


You can either freeze the filling and mash separately (in freezer bags is fine) and add the egg once the filling has defrosted. Or, if you do not want to add egg, then the pie can be frozen whole.

Should I defrost fish pie before cooking?

Of course, you can also defrost your fish pie before cooking or reheating to help reduce the cooking time. Defrosting overnight in the fridge is the best way to defrost but always check it a few hours before you intend to cook it to make sure it has completely defrosted.

Can you put warm fish pie in the fridge?

Ideally, you want to keep your food at temperatures of 165°F or higher — or get it into the fridge as soon as possible. If you‘re putting very hot food (think: soup or hot jam) in your fridge, that can bring the temperature of the fridge up to dangerously warm levels.

Can fish pie be left out overnight?

NO WAY, unless your house is as cold as a real fridge. I have the faint recollection that with fish and sea food the problem is not so much about bacteria but about dangerous toxins released. so long as you heat it really really well then it should be fine. It satyed out overnight as it cooled and then went in fridge.

Can you reheat fish pie with prawns in it?

But if handled properly during storage and preparation prawns are safe to reheat. Make sure you put leftovers in the fridge within two hours of cooking and reheat and eat within three days after the first time they were prepared.

How hot should fish pie be?

Heat the oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas mark 6. Put 1kg potatoes, peeled and halved, in a saucepan and pour over enough water to cover them. Bring to the boil and then simmer until tender. When cooked, drain thoroughly and mash with a splash of milk and a knob of butter.