What is duck soup made of?

Rice cooked in the broth, nicely roasted mushrooms, the peppery bite of the mustard, a little gentle onion-ness from the chives, and above all the slightly salty, smoky broth and duck meat.

What can duck stock be used for?

Great topping for poached poultry or soups. My family usually uses duck stock to make some sort of soup as a side. Ingredients are whatever we have on hand, but almost always a vegetable (napa cabbage or baby bok choy), a meat (shredded duck, roast pork, or fish balls), and vermicelli.

What is duck soup called?

Duck Soup (Czarnina)

What does Duck Soup mean?

English Language Learners Definition of duck soup

US, informal + old-fashioned : something that is very easy to do.

Why is duck soup easy?

Not only is the precise origin of “duck soup” unclear, but I’m afraid that the original logic of the phrase remains obscure as well. Is “duck soupeasy because ducks are easy to shoot (as in “sitting duck“), or because ducks are very greasy and thus easily rendered into soup?

What is the meaning of uncomplicated?

1 : not complex : simple uncomplicated machinery. 2a : not complicated by something outside itself. b : not involving medical complications an uncomplicated peptic ulcer.

What is a easy?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : causing or involving little difficulty or discomfort within easy reach. b : requiring or indicating little effort, thought, or reflection easy clichés. 2a : not severe : lenient hopes they’ll be easy on him.

What is the definition of effortless?

: showing or requiring little or no effort effortless power.

What does brooch mean?

: an ornament that is held by a pin or clasp and is worn at or near the neck.