What is traditionally served with Tourtiere?

It could be cranberry sauce, pickled beets, something sweet and sour, or “something with a kick to it to pair with the spiced meat and flaky crust.” (I like to serve a chili sauce with my tourtiere; you can find Naylor’s recipe and my chili sauce recipe below.) All in all, it’s a memorable dish.

What is the difference between Tourtiere and meat pie?

In the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area, however, the varieties of tourtière with ground meat are typically referred to as “pâté à la viande” (“meat pie“), while the name “tourtière” is reserved exclusively for their local variety.

When should you eat Tourtiere?

It is famously served as part of réveillon, a traditional feast enjoyed by Catholic Québécois(es) after midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

What does Tourtiere mean?

Tourtière, also called pâté à viande, a double-crusted meat pie that is likely named for a shallow pie dish still used for cooking and serving tourtes (pies) in France. The ground or chopped filling usually includes pork and is sometimes mixed with other meats, including local game, such as rabbit, pheasant, or moose.

Why is it called tourtiere?

What do you drink with Tourtiere?

“A ‘tourte’ was the name of a bird like a pigeon, and they were making pie with these types of birds,” says Ricardo. “So they called it ‘tourtière. ‘ Another other explanation is that it got the name from the dish — a tourtière is also the [pie pan] in which this meat pie was cooked and baked.”