What do vegetarians eat in Italy?

Vegetarian food in Italy per region
  • Trentino – South Tyrol. Canederli and strudel: Dumplings and apple cake. Mosa: A sort of polenta.
  • Lombardia. Minestrone alla Milanese: Hearty soup with beans, vegetables and herbs. Polenta: Boiled cornmeal.
  • Valle D’Aosta. Fonduta (Fondue)
  • Piedmont. Pasta with truffle. Homemade Gnocchi.

What is Italy’s national fruit?

The strawberry tree began to be considered one of the national symbols of Italy in the 19th century, during the Italian unification, because with its autumn colors it remembers the flag of Italy (green for its leaves, white for its flowers and red for its berries).

What is a good Italian vegetable?

7 Vegetables Italians Do Best, and 20 Ways to Make Them
  • Broccoli rabe: Save. Olive Oil-Braised Broccoli Rabe.
  • Artichokes: Save. Tarragon-Lemon Aioli Served with Grilled Artichokes.
  • Olives: Save. Viana La Place’s Umbrian Black Olive Panino.
  • Celery: Save. Marcella Hazan’s Braised Celery with Onion, Pancetta, and Tomatoes.
  • Mushrooms: Save.
  • Cabbage: Save.
  • Fennel: Save.

What is the most popular vegetable in Italy?

For vegetables, tomatoes were the most popular, although sales were half those in Italy (32 kg per person, against 70 kg each year per capita in Italy).